They called him what?! Naming Children in Australia

We have all heard of celebrities gifting their children unusual [...]

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Christmas Parenting Arrangements

When negotiating parenting arrangements a lot of parents agree to [...]

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My ex won’t sign divorce papers – what should I do?

Since the Family Law Act (FLA) came into operation, divorce has been [...]

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Kids and Young People in the Family Court

The process of going to Family Court is one that [...]

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Joint Custody – What Is Shared Parenting?

After parents separate, they need to find a new way [...]

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Intervention Orders, Restraining Orders and AVOs: Same But Different

Are intervention orders the same as restraining orders? The Magistrates [...]

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Alimony in Australia?; Spousal Support and Spousal Maintenance – The Deception of American Television

The notion of alimony in Australia is another example of [...]

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Prenuptial Agreements In Australia – What Is A Pre-Nup?

When we think of prenuptial agreements in Australia, we often [...]

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Family Law Custody In Australia – Confusing Terminology

Unfortunately, the words that Family Law lawyers use can be [...]

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When Can A Child Decide Which Parent They Want To Live With

Separated parents often ask when their child can decide where [...]

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