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Binding or Prenuptial Financial Agreements Melbourne

Binding Financial Agreements (often referred to as ‘pre-nuptial agreements’, ‘pre-nups’ or ‘BFAs’) are designed to protect the property rights of parties in the event that a relationship ends. They can often save the stress and expense of lengthy court proceedings.

That’s why at Testart Family Lawyers, we handle all areas of family law in relation to Binding Financial Agreements, whether they are entered into before (a ‘pre-nup’), during, or at the conclusion of the relationship.

We aim to give you peace of mind so that you can move forward in your life with confidence and clarity without the worry and stress of having to go to court to settle your family law property matters.

Pre- Nuptial Agreement Melbourne

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What is a binding financial agreement?

A binding financial agreement under family law, otherwise known as a prenuptial agreement or prenup, is an agreement entered into by couples intending to get married or start a de facto relationship. These agreements set out how assets, debt and financial resources are divided in the event that the marriage or relationship ends.

Should I get a binding financial agreement or prenup?

All couples should consider a binding financial agreement under family law before entering into a marriage or de facto relationship. No one starts a relationship intending for it to end, but in the event that it does, a binding financial agreement simplifies the process of dividing assets and helps couples avoid uncertainty.

It’s particularly important to consider a prenup if one partner owns a business, real estate, has extensive assets or is expecting to receive an inheritance.

Can a binding financial agreement be overturned in court?

Yes. If prenups do not comply with relevant legal guidelines or are deemed unfair they may be overturned in court.

Do I need a Melbourne prenup lawyer?

Yes. If you are entering into a binding financial agreement you need a Melbourne prenup lawyer to ensure that the document is correctly prepared and includes all relevant details. Get in touch with Testart Melbourne prenup lawyers for expert advice and help preparing your prenup.

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