Testart Family Lawyers aims to provide its clients with the most efficient, cost-effective and painless resolution to their family law problems. Testart Family Lawyers strives to get the best deal for its clients.

Testart Family Lawyers Melbourne

Relationship breakdowns are incredibly stressful and traumatic. They are also incredibly expensive. Engaging a family lawyer is a significant commitment of trust and confidence, as well as a substantial financial investment. Unfortunately, approximately 40% of all marriages in Australia end in divorce, and so there is an inherently high demand for family law services.

Marc Testart – Principal Family Lawyer

Marc Testart is the Principal Family Lawyer (solicitor) at Testart Family Lawyers. He was formerly a barrister and as a result he has extensive experience in court room advocacy. He has appeared in court in numerous contested family law trials. He has also appeared in appellate courts in family law matters.

This experience has given him a unique insight into some of the pitfalls which clients face in family law. The vast majority of family law solicitors, on the other hand, have little or no courtroom experience. Marc’s unique experience enables him to plan ahead in order to minimise these pitfalls. This enables him to provide a way to maximise the opportunities for his clients to obtain the most efficient and favourable settlement and the best experience for the client. Marc’s ability to anticipate the likely course of a matter should it proceed to court allows him to add substantial value for his clients.

‘At Testart Family Lawyers, we know the inside of the court room so you don’t have to go there. But, if you do, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.’

If a client does need to litigate their matter in court, Marc’s experience enables him to provide his clients with unique knowledge. Having been a barrister, Marc knows, for example, what kinds of questions a judge or opposing counsel are likely to ask. Marc knows how to identify a client’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Marc also has a unique and extensive network of legal professionals. He knows barristers and their various approaches. If a client does need to engage a barrister, Marc will know how to find the best one for his client’s case.

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