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Children & Custody Lawyers in Melbourne

Nothing is more important than the welfare of your children.

At Testart Family Lawyers, we are sensitive to your needs and the best interests of your children. Our expert child custody lawyers in Melbourne handle all areas of child custody law including:

  • shared parenting
  • access to children
  • guardianship
  • parent’s rights
  • relocation
  • recovery orders
  • child support

In times of conflict, children can often feel the stress and tension between their parents. At Testart Family Lawyers, our aim is that you have the best possible relationship with your children moving forward.

Child Custody Lawyer Melbourne

Our children and custody process

Divorce and relationship breakups are incredibly difficult, especially when there are kids involved. Our process is designed to help you find your way through childcare and custody disputes and take the best possible care of your children:

  • We start with a free, no obligation first consultation. We’ll sit down with you to understand your circumstances, and the resolution you’d like to achieve.
  • Next we provide a summary of your legal position and a plan to move forward that is most likely to achieve a good result.
  • Once you’ve decided to engage our services, we take care of you. From our first call, to resolution of your issue we’ll provide honest, expert legal advice to help you move through this challenging time.

Many of our lawyers are parents so we all understand how important your children are to you. We also know that this process can be incredibly stressful, so our legal experts and experienced meditators will prioritise solutions that keep you out of court and minimise your costs.

The benefits of our children and custody service

People frequently ask us whether they need a lawyer to arrange care of their child after a divorce or breakup. The answer is usually no – you’re not required to hire a lawyer to resolve most child and custody disputes.

With that said, when it comes to something as important as your relationship with your child, many choose to get expert advice. Our service is designed to give you the best possible chance of a good custody outcome that’s in the interests of your child and you, the parent.

Our deep experience and expert legal knowledge is at your disposal to help you move forward. We’ll work to reduce the stress that you feel during this time by simplifying the legal process and suggesting the least difficult path forward. In the event that you do need to go to court, we’ll make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

Ultimately there’s no way around it – disputes over the custody of your children can be extremely difficult. But with the help of an experienced lawyer, you’ll know exactly where you stand and give yourself the best possible chance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with your children when it’s over.

How can we help you?

FAQs: Child Custody Lawyer Melbourne

Do I need a child custody lawyer in Melbourne?

If you are in a dispute with a former partner about custody of your children, it’s always best to seek expert advice from a specialist child custody lawyer in Melbourne. Testart Family Law can help guide you through the entire dispute resolution process to reach an agreement outside of court if possible – and make an application to the court if not.

We will make sure the best interests of your child are always prioritised.

Do I need to go to court to arrange child custody?

No, you do not need to go to court to arrange a child custody agreement. With the help of a specialist child custody lawyer in Melbourne you can either draw up an informal agreement or a ‘Consent Order’ to be lodged at court.

If you are unable to reach an agreement after attending a dispute resolution process you can make an application to the court for parenting orders.

What is a parenting order?

A parenting order is a demand made by the court that parties involved are legally required to follow. These orders can decide allocation of parental responsibility, custody of children, and all other aspects of the care of the child or children concerned.

Most child custody disputes are solved without the need for a parenting order.