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Defacto Property Settlement Lawyers in Melbourne

At Testart Family Lawyers, we understand that de facto and same sex relationships are just as important to you as marriages are to married couples.

Most de facto couples have the same rights as married couples under the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975 in relation to the distribution or settlement of the property.

Our experienced de facto lawyers in Melbourne handles all aspects of family law, in relation to de facto and same-sex relationships.

De Facto Property Settlement

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FAQs: Defacto & Same Sex Couples

How do I get a divorce if I am in a same sex marriage?

The process of getting a divorce is generally the same for both heterosexual and same sex marriages. You can either make an application together or one party can make an application by themselves – speak to LGBTQ divorce lawyers at Testart family law for advice.

Do I need a lawyer for a same sex divorce?

Same sex marriages are treated exactly the same as heterosexual marriages under the Family Law Act. If you are going through a same sex divorce it’s advisable to hire a same sex divorce lawyer to provide representation and advice in all areas of family law, including property settlement and child welfare matters.

What does de facto relationship mean?

If you and your partner live together and are in a genuine relationship but are not married, you may be in a de facto relationship. Most de facto couples are treated similarly to marriages under family law.

Generally, to be defined as a de facto relationship you must have been either: together for two years, have a child together, have made a substantial contribution to the property or finances of your partner, or have the relationship registered under a State or Territory Law. Speak to a defacto lawyer in Melbourne for advice on your unique situation.

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