Family Violence is one of the most sensitive and delicate aspects of the law.

Disputes in relation to family violence orders (also know as ‘intervention orders’, ‘apprehended violence orders’, ‘IVOs’ or ‘AVO’s’) can be overwhelming, traumatic, and confusing for everybody involved.

They are particularly difficult when children are involved. They can also be incredibly complex and confusing when it comes to the interaction between proceedings in the state court jurisdiction (under the Family Violence Protection Act (Vic) 2008) and the family court jurisdiction (under the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975).

At Testart Family Lawyers, we aim to be, above all else, sensitive to our clients concerns. We are there to help them understand all areas of law in relation to family violence and to be understanding of all of their needs. Our aim is to ensure that our clients can move forward in their new lives, safely and securely, when their relationship runs into trouble.

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