High Conflict Separation – The very pointy end of Family Law

What is ‘high conflict’ separation?Some people presume that high conflict [...]

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Do Godparents have any rights?

Some confusion exists as to whether godparents have legal rights; [...]

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Sperm Donor of Father?

A sperm donor will normally be presumed not to be [...]

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Planning to Fail or Failing To Plan?

Should I have a Prenup? People would be forgiven for [...]

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How to Successfully Obtain Spousal Maintenance

The Family Law Courts define Spousal Maintenance as: ‘Financial support [...]

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0-4 Year Olds and Overnight Stays – What Does the Law Say?

There is a lot of debate around and research into [...]

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Proving Parentage

Parentage issues may arise in family law matters concerning the [...]

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Children’s Passports – The Law

Under Australian law, everyone, including children and newborn infants, must [...]

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Seeing the Grandchildren – The Rights Of Grandparents

If you are a grandparent and face the unfortunate circumstance [...]

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What To Do After Separation and Pending Divorce

What is meant by separation? In Family Law, separation [...]

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