They called him what?! Naming Children in Australia

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We have all heard of celebrities gifting their children unusual and often strange names. Think Kal-EL (Nicholas Cage), Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone), and North (Kanye West). In Australia, there are laws that govern what we can name our children. Most [...]

My ex won’t sign divorce papers – what should I do?

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Since the Family Law Act (FLA) came into operation, divorce has been a relatively straight forward process. Sometimes, however, one of the parties might refuse to sign divorce papers.It is important to know that an application for divorce can be made by [...]

Joint Custody – What Is Shared Parenting?

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After parents separate, they need to find a new way of parenting that works for them and their children.Some divorced/separated couples continue to share parenting, while others choose to continue their roles as parents separately.This decision often depends on levels [...]

Intervention Orders, Restraining Orders and AVOs: Same But Different

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Are intervention orders the same as restraining orders? The Magistrates Court of Victoria would seem to suggest that the answer is ‘yes’. In fact the Magistrates Court of Victoria helpfully points out that the differences in terminology in what could be classed [...]

Alimony in Australia?; Spousal Support and Spousal Maintenance – The Deception of American Television

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The notion of alimony in Australia is another example of the Americanisation (or ‘Americanization‘) of our culture.While Americans have family law attorneys, we here in Australia have barristers and solicitors.Go figure! One could be forgiven, if one watched enough of [...]

Prenuptial Agreements In Australia – What Is A Pre-Nup?

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When we think of prenuptial agreements in Australia, we often think of American television; the courtroom drama with the family law attorney arguing over the terms of the ‘prenup.’We often think of how offended one’s prospective spouse might be at [...]

Family Law Custody In Australia – Confusing Terminology

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Unfortunately, the words that Family Law lawyers use can be confusing to members of the public.This is not helped by the fact that legislation changes, and with these changes in the law come changes in terminology.An example of this can [...]